Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Streamyx Complain & Solve

Hi streamyx complainer. Just paste your complain here and I'll manage your complain and solve it for you. Cheers!


  1. Streamyx is a stupid ISP provider, each week saturday & sunday i cant connect to internet from 8pm till 12am. What the service is this? Is this so call the fair & square ? I am just asking for what i am paying for , not for much. If cant fulfill this kinda customer, it should just close down and hand out the license to other company as well. Not to waste its customer time to connect to the internet.

  2. According to my latest bill shown that outstanding balance dated on 1st October 2011 which is amounted RM131.15. I had received a notice via electronic communication claimed that my outstanding balance was Eight Hundred plus. These was surprise me why the outstanding balance was difference from the actual bill.

    I am disappointed because the service you provided was unsatisfactory. Hence, the inconvenience causes unconnected to the network since last Saturday (15.10.2011) until now.

    Kindly check probably what the problem was?